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Expect the unexpected in research. Each project the Xin Jie Chen Laboratory works on comes with both unforeseeable challenges and opportunities.


mPOS discovered

Wang, X. and Chen, X.J. (2015) A cytosolic network suppressing mitochondria-mediated proteostatic stress and cell death. Nature 524:481-484.


Commentaries and highlights:

News & Views: Surviving Import Failure, by Cole Haynes, Nature 524:419-420 (2015).


Research Highlights: Death by Cytoplasmic Accumulation, by Mirella Bucci, Nature Chemical Biology 11:633 (2015).


New & Noteworthy: The latest Buzz on Streassed-Out Mitochondria, by Maria Costanzo, SGD.


Pathogenic Aac2/Ant1 is misfolded

Liu, Y., Wang, X. and Chen, X.J. (2015) Misfolding of mutant adenine nucleotide translocase in yeast supports a novel mechanism of Ant1-induced muscle diseases. Mol. Biol. Cell 26:1985-1994.


mPOS and neurodegeneration (Invited review)

Coyne, L.P. and Chen, X.J. (2018) mPOS - a novel trigger of cell death with implications for neurodegeneration (Special Issue: ROS and Mitochondria in Modulating Nervous System Function). FEBS Lett. 592:759-775.


mPOS in cultured human cells

Liu Y.*, Wang, W.*, Coyne, L.P.* (*equal contributions), Yang, Y., Qi, Y., Middleton F.A., and Chen, X.J. (2019) Mitochondrial carrier protein overloading and misfolding induce aggresomes and proteostatic adaptations in the cytosol. Molecular Biology of the Cell 30:1272-1284. (Featured cover and highlighted article)


Mitochondrial protein overloading and mPOS causes muscle atrophy

Wang, X., Middleton, F.A., Tawil, R. & Chen, X.J. (2021) Cytosolic Proteostatic Adaptation to Mitochondrial Stress Causes Progressive Muscle Wasting. iScience, Dec 31; 25(1):103715. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.103715. eCollection 2022 Jan 21


Mitochondrial protein import clogging, mPOS and neurodegeneration

Coyne, L.P., Wang, X., Song, J., de Jong, E., Schneider, K., Massa, P., Middleton, F., Becker, T. and Chen, X.J. (2023) Mitochondrial protein import clogging as a mechanism of disease. eLife 2023;12:e84330. DOI:


mPOS and Parkinson's disease

Coyne, L.P., Rana, A., Wang, X., Bhagwagar, S., Umino, Y., Solessio, E.C., Middleton, F. and Chen, X.J. Mitochondrial protein import stress augments alpha-synuclein aggregation and neurodegeneration independent of bioenergetics. BioRxiv. doi:

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