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Xin Jie Chen

Principal Investigator

Ph.D (Université Paris-Sud)

(Molecular and Cellular Genetics)

Dr. Chen was trained as a molecular biologist in Hiroshi Fukuhara's lab at Institut Curie in Paris. He then worked with Desmond Clark-Walker (The Australian National University) and Ronald Butow (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas) on the mechanism of mitochondrial DNA inheritance. He has a long-standing interest in the understanding of how mitochondrial damage affects cell fitness and survival, and its implications for muscular, neural and heart diseases.

Dr. Chen teaches mitochondrial genetics, stress signaling, redox biology, nutrition, metabolism, obesity, metabolic syndrome and the biology of aging.

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Personnel: Lab Members

Arnav Rana

BSc (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

MD/Ph.D candidate

Arnav is interested in the mechanism of mitochondrial stress signaling and its implications for cardiac function.


Xiaowen Wang

Research Scientist
MSc (University of Melbourne)

Xiaowen is experienced and multi-skilled, working with yeast, cultured human cells and mice.


Nicholas Brennan

BSc (SUNY Oneonta )

MD/Ph.D candidate

Nick is interested in the mechanism of mitochondrial stress signaling, cellular proteostasis and muscle aging


Gargi Mishra

BSc (Mount Holyoke College)

MD/Ph.D candidate

Gargi explores the mechanisms of mitochondrial protein import stress. She is interested in identifying cellular pathways that maintain the functional competency of mitochondria under stress conditions.


Joseph V. Mauro

BSc (Binghamton University)

MD/Ph.D candidate

Joe investigates how mitochondrial stress signaling affects cardiac and metabolic health.

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Sanaea Bhagwagar

BSc (University of Pennsylvania)

MD/Ph.D candidate

Sanaea studies the mechanism of mPOS and its implications for neurodegenerative diseases

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